SoCal Mini Grand Prix

The Rinks and Great Park Ice are proud to announce the SoCal Mini Grand Prix starting May 2020!! The SMGP (for short) is a company-wide circuit of six summer & fall competitions (one in each of our six ice facilities). The series is designed for the Compete USA-level skater and points will be awarded based on placement. The top 50 competitors will earn a SPECIAL commemorative 2020 SMGP trophy and will be invited to the Winners Reception in January 2021 at Great Park Ice, Irvine. The reception will be a fun-filled way to finish your skating season and start the next season!!

Participating Events:


The SMGP is open to levels up to and including Preliminary in standard track, Preliminary Plus in Excel track, Gold/Freestyle 7 in ISI events, but does not include any Adult events. Only Freestyle, Compulsory / Elements, and Showcase / Artistic events will earn points. At this time, there will be no points for team events (TOI, Synchro, etc), just points for solo-skater events for tracking purposes.

To Enter

Simply register for any of the six specific SMGP events through the appropriate website based on the competition announcement. (Entryeeze, USFS EMS, etc.). NO ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. By enrolling in these events, you are automatically registered to receive points towards your total in the series.

Point System

1st Place:              6 points

2nd Place:             5 points

3rd Place:              4 points

4th Place:              3 points

5th Place:              2 points

6th Place:              1 point

If an event has 2-6 skaters or more in a group, they will receive points according to the system above as if there were 6 skaters. If there is only 1 skater in an event, they will receive 3 points for the event. No points awarded for 7th place and below.  Awards are not based on levels. All participants will be tallied based on points regardless of level.

The Process

At the close of events following November 22, a tally of participants will be published online with the appropriate SMGP ranking. The Top 50 will be emailed with a notice of congratulations and an invitation to the Winners Reception at Great Park Ice in January 2021. (Exact Date TBD).