The Rinks & Great Park Ice Podcast

Episode 4 of The Rinks & Great Park Ice is here. Great Park Ice Skating Manager, Michelle Lauerman stopped by to chat with us about Off-Ice Classes, Great Park Ice's unique dynamic and online resources that we're provided while we had to stay off the ice. We also cover some program and facility updates. Enjoy!



Figure Skating Off-Ice Classes
Westminster ICE Program Registration
Rec Leagues:
-Youth Ice Rec Leagues

-Youth Inline Rec Leagues

-Adult Inline Rec Leagues

Job Listings

USWNT Ball Hockey Try-Outs

Episode Break Down:
0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Westminster ICE Program Updates
1:25 - Rec League News (Ice & Inline)
1:44 - Job Listings
2:41 - USWNT Ball Hockey Try-Outs
2:58 - Stop and Chat with Michelle Lauerman (Off-Ice Classes info)
15:36 - Outro

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