The Rinks & Great Park Ice Podcast Episode 2: AAPI Heritage Month

We're back with another episode of The Rinks & Great Park Ice Podcast! May is AAPI Heritage month and to celebrate we brought on Jr Ducks 16aaa Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel, Alex Kim! From the figure skating side, we interviewed our very own Director of Figure Skating, Alex Chang! They discussed their journeys through their careers as Asian Americans as well as what the landscape looks like now in each sport. We have a new segment with the original feel of the podcast, Coaches Corner. In that segment hockey managers, Jon and Dave talk about how the youth hockey programs are doing and what to expect for adult hockey programs as things progress and open back up. You can find links to all these programs and time stamps for each segment below!

Summer Camps: http://bit.ly/AWHSummerCamps21
Adult Hockey: http://bit.ly/DucksAdultHockeyPrograms
RTP Protocol: http://bit.ly/RTPUpdates

Episode Break Down:
0:00 - Intro
1:45 - Coaches Corner
29:44 - News: Summer Camps, Adult League
31:12 - Alex Kim Interview
1:03:19 - News BTR Teaser, No Masks on Ice in OC Buildings
1:05:00 - Alex Chang Interview
1:34:24 - Outro