First Strides

The First Strides Try Skating for Free program offers first-time skaters the chance to get on the rink and learn how to skate for free! The two-week mini-Learn to Skate session will introduce skaters to the basics of skating - how to sit & stand up on the ice, marching & gliding - and to our professional skating staff.  

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*First Strides is not currently available at Great Park Ice.*

Frequently Asked Questions

Group classes are the fastest and safest way to learn and enjoy any sport or recreational activity. Skating classes at The Rinks & Great Park Ice include the following benefits:

  • Entertaining and fun!
  • Great source of exercise
  • Meet new friends
  • Build self-confidence and sportsmanship
  • Participate in group performances

The Rinks & Great Park Ice have group classes for all ages and abilities. Following week 3 of your trial session, our staff will let you know which class will best suit your skill level.

Ages 3-5

  • Snowplow Sam 1-4

Ages 6-15

  • Basic classes
    • Basic 1
    • Basic 2
    • Basic 3
    • Basic 4
    • Basic 5
    • Basic 6
  • Hockey Skills classes
    • Hockey 1
    • Hockey 2
    • Hockey 3

Ages 16 & Up

  • Adult Classes
    • Basic 1-3

Though the lobby in some rinks may be warm, the rinks themselves are often very cold! Here is how we suggest dressing for your lessons:

  • Wear layers:
    • Shorts under sweatpants and a t-shirt under a sweatshirt to keep warm on the ice
  • Gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm
  • Don't forget your socks!

For those spectating but not taking part in lessons, we strongly suggest bringing a sweatshirt to wear while you watch. 

No, rental skates are included as part of the class

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