2021-2022 Competition Season

Olympic Season is here!

The countdown to the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing has officially begun and we could not be more excited for our numerous Olympic Hopefuls! The ISU Senior Grand Prix Series begins this month, starting with Skate America in Las Vegas, NV and concludes in Sochi, Russia. This 6-part International Series concludes with a 7th event, the Grand Prix Final in Osaka, Japan this December. We are very proud of our skaters as they skate for the Gold! See below for a list of competitors from Great Park Ice and The Rinks.  

Skate America

Las Vegas, Nevada - October 22-24, 2021


  • Nathan Chen – 3rd Place
  • Michael Brezina - 6th Place
  • Starr Andrews - 10th Place
  • Alexa Knierem and Brandon Frazier - 4th Place
  • Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson - 5th Place
  • Chelsea Liu and Danny O’Shea - 7th Place

Skate Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - October 29-31, 2021


  • Nathan Chen – Olympian, 3-time World Champion and 5-time US Champion

Internationaux de France

Grenoble, France; November 19-21, 2021


  • Mariah Bell – 3-time US National Medalist and 3-time World Competitor
  • Starr Andrews – US Jr Silver Medalist and International Cup Silver Medalist
  • Alexa Knierem and Brandon Frazier - US Pairs Champions & World Competitor

Rostlecom Cup

Sochi, Russia; November 26-28, 2021


  • Mariah Bell – 3-time US National Medalist and 3-time World Competitor
  • Michael Brezina - 3-time Olympian and 4-time Czech Champion

Our skaters will also be competing at these prestigious ISU International events

Warsaw Cup

Poland; November 18-21

  • Jessica Calalang and Brian Johnson - US Pairs 2-time Silver Medalists

Be sure to tune in and CHEER ON our very own 2022 Olympic hopefuls!!

Beginning this week, many of our skaters will take part in the U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series consisting of Eight competitions around the country in the hopes of qualifying for the US National Championships & Development Camp. Good luck to all our Skaters!



An additional CONGRATULATIONS to the following skaters for their recent competition accomplishments. “2021 - 2022 Honor Roll!”

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The Rinks & Great Park Ice Skaters of the Month

The Rinks & Great Park Ice and FivePoint Arena are dedicated to developing skaters of all ages and skill levels through our Learn to Skate, Skating Academy and High Performance programs. 

Congratulations to all of our skaters who exemplified what it means to be Skater of the Month through their hard work and dedication to the sport!

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